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It has been a long time since I sat down to write. I was not sure why until I decided to write about what I have been up to since May.

Laundry list of things I had to do:

> Choreograph new long program
> Design dress for new long program, find someone to make it
> Set up a fitness plan for competing at Altitudes in case I go to Mexico JGP
> Study for final exams
> Final year Ball
> Advanced Placement Exams
> School awards Night
> Final Exams
> Senior Banquet
> Graduation
> Help MumRun Skating Test Session
> 10 Day Training Session with Alexei Urmanov
> My birthday! In Australia I am legal age in the US 3 more years!
> Training 6 days per week during all of this
> Try to keep in touch with friends so I still have some
> Ride my Pony at least 5 days a week
> Practice my violin (as much as I can fit in)
> Dress disaster- find new dress maker and have it made in one week(Yikes)
> Taking Russian and setting up classes to start in September
> Family Vacation to Vermont - usually 6 days this year only 3
> Pack for Skate Down Under
> Oh yeah, all the paper work for skating!
It is very interesting to look back and think about the process and how I arrived to my accomplishments today. I of course have been training very hard for the up coming Olympic season. In May I was still in school and getting ready for final exams. A very good friend and fellow Aussie skater Oliver Porter flew over and came with me to my final year Ball. It was great to see him and we had a terrific time. Exams went really well and I graduated with all top academic honors. My grandparents came over from Adelaide for graduation, it was so nice to see them, when I am in Australia I never get to spend much time with them in Adelaide.
My Mum runs a figure skating club and ran a test session 2 days after Graduation, it is lots of organising, but fun to watch the younger skaters progress, I really enjoy helping with that. Next on the agenda was many trips to the airport to pick up skaters and coaches for the Finer Edge Figure Skating School. My coach Serhii organises this school each year, it is great because it gives me a chance to skate with elite international skaters and other coaches. It is the only time during the year other than at competitions that I have this wonderful opportunity to be with others doing triples.

I am currently in Vermont for our annual family vacation. When I say family I mean Mum, Dad, Benny, my dad's horse and FatBoy, my pony. Every year we drive up for 6 days of riding at a wonderful family friend's farm (Denny and May Emerson's Tamarack Hill Farm) and of course I continue to train. So as not to miss my home rink, the rink here is the same distance away as home! We have to drive 1 1/2 hours for me to skate. It is a very long day but so relaxing to be able to ride and just be in a different environment. It is great to train in Vermont, the rink is where I won a championship event 4 years ago. I look forward to seeing everyone there each year and enjoy the feeling and memories from the past. This year our trip is being cut short as I will leave on Saturday for Skate Down Under. I am truly excited for this event and the start of the season. It could not be a better way to start the season than being here in Vermont with great ice and skating friends. The support, kindness and respect I feel when I skate here is such a great inspiration.

I hope my dress is done when I get home, I will finish packing, train for three days and off to Australia! I will try to write sooner next time.

Thank you for reading and for your support!

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Brooklee Han

Brooklee Han was born in Massachusetts in the United States and lives in Connecticut but her father is Australian. At a figure skating camp when she was 12 years old, Han met her coach Serhii Vaypan, who would become instrumental in her success. After one year with Vaypan, Han was consistently landing doubles. After two years she was landing triples and then competing on the international circuit.

Han competed at the 2011, 2012 and 2013 Junior World Championships, her best result being 16th at the 2012 tournament in Milan, Italy. Han competed in the 2013 World Championships in London, Canada. Han skated a personal best in her short program and a strong performance in both her long and overall programs, to finish 21st overall.

With only the top-20 earning Olympic selection, Han just missed out leaving her just one more chance to qualify. At the 2013 Nebelhorn Trophy, she did just that - finishing in overall fifth place - but most importantly, first out of non-qualified competitors.

Before focusing full time on her skating, Han competed in equestrian dressage and eventing, following in her parents' footsteps. Her father was the Australian Junior Young Rider Eventing Champion and her mother worked for the US Equestrian team.

Finishing her high school studies in 2013, Han has been accepted to study Biology at Wesleyan. Han is the US National Latin Exam Silver Medallist and a Connecticut State Latin Contest Gold Medallist. She has also been awarded the 2012 Bausch and Lomb, University of Rochester Honorary Science award and the 2012 Harvard Book Prize of Southern Connecticut and is a member of the Joel Barlow Chapter of the National Honour Society.

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